up for debate

Being someone who is scrolling through twitter at almost any waking moment, a fatal flaw I have witnessed among my fellow tweeters is the inability to accept someone else’s opinion for what it is or just theoretically walk away. Now I have always said I won’t accept a shitty opinion. One that is racist, misogynist, or homophobic. If you possess any opinions of the such, I believe those you should keep to yourself and have a self examination while you’re at it. Those are the opinions worth dragging someone across the timeline by their collar for. You may even see me there participating in such dragging. (Because I’m working on myself, I try not to engage in online arguments but if it is just needed, I’ll do so). This post is titled “up for debate” because it is perfectly fine to debate various topics in a way that is respectful and without criticism of a person’s intelligence. Coming for a person’s intelligence or physical appearance because you do not agree with their opinion only shows your inability to back up your side of the argument with valid facts so you fill in the space with insults which only exhibits pure ignorance.

If someone’s personal opinions does not affect you in any way, why start an intense argument over it? I’m sure I can answer that question with the possibility of the person being an internet troll who does it for attention or out of boredom maybe. I wish I had enough time in the day as those people but fortunately if I did I would spend it in a way that would promote self-growth. I’m known to be a very opinionated person and I started being that way around my sophomore year of high school. Sometimes I hate being “that girl” but once you’re labeled as something there isn’t really much going back so I continue to be who I am. People have talked to my friends about the things I like to discuss online even which is crazy to me. I’m not sure why being opinionated is something people try to avoid being as long as you’re doing it in a positive way. I talk about race relations and how corrupt the government is. It is all talk about how I want things to be better for everyone. In closing, this brings me to one of my favorite quotes “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu




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